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Zhou Yen

Founder / Director

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Zhou Yen 周延 means "Meticulous" in mandarin, which aptly represents our guiding principles and working style. 


Director Zhou Yen obtained his master's degree in Electrical Engineering in 2013 and subsequently ventured into the field of acting, accumulating over a decade of experience as an actor. During his acting career, he began exploring the realm of video production and focused on it for five years, leading to long-term collaborations with high-end fashion brands.  From an aesthetic perspective, his previous work experiences enable him to perceive the emotional dynamics between actors and to capture the essence of high-end fashion imagery. In terms of production, Director Zhou Yen possesses knowledge in videography, lighting, music composition, and other related aspects. Moreover, he has the ability to understand clients' genuine needs and guide them in finding the most suitable visual solutions that align with their preferences. He strives to strike a balance between quality and budget, always prioritizing customer satisfaction as his primary objective.

Our Services

With our expertise in these areas, we offer professional and tailored solutions to capture the essence of your events, enhance your brand image, showcase architectural and interior designs, and create captivating fashion shows. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results that meet your specific needs and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Mazu Pilgrimage | 板橋慈惠宮媽祖遶境紀錄

Client|Netizen productions
Director|Yen Zhou

Videographer|Yen Zhou & Crew
Editor|Yen Zhou


Event Documentation and Visual Branding

From small-scale events such as dinners, press conferences, and openings to medium to large-scale events like concerts and sports competitions, we can tailor the number of crew members and filming approaches to fit your budget and requirements.

By entrusting us with the task of documenting your event, we can transform the footage captured from your budgeted event into a visually compelling and brand-enhancing video presentation, maximizing its impact and effectiveness.






C JEAN 22SS Eternity London Fashion Week Campaign

Client|C JEAN, Spring Pool Glass
Director|Yen Zhou

Photographer|Yen Zhou
Editor|Yen Zhou


Master Bryan Version.00_00_39_18.Still004.jpg

Brand Campaign

With the company's philosophy at its core, we present the brand's essence through high-end fashion techniques.

We can tailor the production based on your budget and requirements. You can provide your own ideas, shooting content, and desired locations, or we can handle the entire production process for you, creating a professional image for your brand.







Videographer|Yen Zhou


Interior Design & Architectural Image

We offer imaging services for architecture and interior design spaces. Our visuals allow your clients to experience and admire the finer details of your space planning and design.

We can customize our production services to meet your specific budget and requirements. You are welcome to provide your own ideas, shooting content, and desired locations, or we can handle the entire production process for you, ensuring a professional and visually captivating representation of your brand.





C JEAN 23SS Form|Taipei Fashion Week

Client|C JEAN

Show Production|ZYENPROD 周延製作

Lighting Design|Yen Zhou

Venue Layout Design|Yen Zhou

Performance Design|Yen Zhou

Hardware Configuration|Yen Zhou

Show Director|Yen Zhou

Director of Videographer|Yen Zhou

Video Editor|Yen Zhou

Fashion Show Production

ZYEN Prodution provides comprehensive fashion show production services, including brand fashion shows, fashion showcases in corporate events, and fashion show directing.


With a core focus on visual production and a keen appreciation for artistic aesthetics, director Zhou Yen brings a diverse range of professional backgrounds. We seamlessly integrate elements such as imagery, lighting, music, and performances to create unique visual experiences in a minimalist and meticulous manner. Through our distinctive creativity and professional expertise, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and distinctive aesthetics for every event.




Cooperation Brand

space yoga_去背_edited.png

Contact Us

Based on Taipei city in Taiwan.

Welcome to international cooperation.

You can contact us via E-mail, Line APP, Instagram.

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